Green Cookie Recipes for Saint Patrick's Day!!

Pot of Golden Oreos Recipe

Enjoy these gold Oreos for St. Patrick’s Day are a big hit with guests and kids! We love themed food at our house since it gets my kids pretty excited!

Lucky Charms Cookies

These soft, chewy sugar cookies with marshmallows are even yummier than the Pillsbury lucky charm cookies.


Get ready to mix, roll, cut, & devour these festive yummy cookies.

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

The “secret” ingredient for these sour cream sugar cookies is in the name – the sour cream!

Cookies and Buttercream Dip

St. Patrick’s cookies and buttercream dip are a wonderful and festive treat.

Minty, Chocolatey, and Sweet!

Mint Chocolate  Chip Cookies

Day Cookies

These are great for little ones to do as well, although the rainbows may be more smeared – but that’s okay!

Moringa Cookies

Use them to boost your energy naturally while indulging in a classic.

Green Crinkle Cookies

This easy green crinkle cookies recipe is sure to entice any leprechaun in your home.