This traditional whiskey-based takes quite a while to make but cherry bounce cordial is worth the wait!  Just add your ingredients to jars and have some patience!

The main ingredient is patience! Other than that you will need fifth of whiskey, a little Amaretto, some lemon peels, and Bing cherries.  And mason jars!

Gather Your Ingredients


Start out by adding 1 oz of Amaretto to each jar.

Add Amaretto to your jars

Evenly divide the cherries between the jars and then add 1 to 2 Tbs of Cherry Juice along with a few lemon peel strips.

Add Cherries  & Lemon Peels


Fill the jars with the whiskey and close tightly. You can use whiskey, rum, brandy, or any other liquor you have laying around!

Fill with Whiskey

Place in a dark cool place for about 6 months; gently shaking every few weeks. Enjoy!

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