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Gather Your Ingredients:

– Flour  – Rapid Rise Yeast – Milk – Sugar – Salt – Eggs – Butter

- Brown Sugar - Cinnamon - Powdered Sugar - Vanilla - Colored Sugars - Fake Baby

Make the Dough

Combine the ingredients to make the cake in your stand mixer. Mix until combined. Scrap the sides.


Let the dough rise

You should have a dough ball when it is done. Cover and let rise an hour. Make your filling.


Knead and Fill

Roll it flat and fill with cinnamon filling and fold it over in half.


Make 3 Strips

Trim off any weird edges, as shown above, and then cut the dough into three equal, long strips.


Make the Braid

Pinch the three strips together at the top then braid them together.


Make the Ring

Gently stretch the braided dough until it's about 20 inches again, form a circle and pinch the two ends together.


Bake the Ring

Preheat the oven to 350 and bake for about 30 minutes.


Make the Icing

Combine the ingredients to make the icing. You want it this consistency.


Add Icing & Sprinkles

Spoon the icing over the warm cake and then immediately sprinkle with the colored sugar. Traditionally it's striped, but have fun with it.  Kids love doing this part!!


Get the full recipe at ForkingGoodFood.com