Turkey and Cheese  Roll Ups 

AKA Sundried  Tomato Pinwheels

Gather Your Ingredients:

Sun-Dried Tomato Spread – Cream cheese – Sun-dried tomatoes  – Mayonnaise – Tabasco sauce – Kosher salt – ground black pepper Pinwheel Sandwiches – Tortilla wraps – Sliced turkey breast – Lettuce leafs  – Cheese cheddar

Mix the Spread

Combine the cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, mayonnaise, Tabasco sauce, in a small bowl until well blended

Get the Tortillas

Spread the cream cheese mixture over the entire surface of the tortillas.

Cover Each Tortilla

With 4-5 slices of sliced turkey, leaving a bit of space on one end because the ingredients will shift

Roll the Tortilla 

Lay cheese and lettuce along the center of the tortilla. Towards the side that has the deli meat set back from the edge. 

Slice to Serve

Slice into 1 inch slices to yield 6-7 pinwheels per tortilla. Use a toothpick to secure if desired

It's Time to Taste this Yummy Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups!

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