Unique Sides for Pizza

Unique Sides for Pizza


This colourful salad is perfectly balanced with sweet vs savoury, crunchy and crisp vs soft and creamy.

Mexican Street Corn Salad

Try this one-pan vegetarian salad tonight!

Easy Baked Potato Wedges

Easy and perfectly crispy oven Baked Potato Wedges will become your go-to side dish or appetizer.

Perfect for any potluck, this Cold Green Bean Salad is marinated in a tangy homemade salad dressing.

Marinated Cold Green Bean Salad

Garlic Parmesan Asparagus

It’s easy to roast in the oven, sauté on the stovetop, cook on the grill, or air fry, and I give directions for each cooking method.

This beautiful chopped mango avocado salad recipe is healthy, incredibly satisfying, and ready in 15 minutes.


Maple Mustard Brussels Sprouts

Maple mustard Brussels sprouts - when you take deliciously crispy Brussels sprouts and combine them with a sweet and salty sauce,

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