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Instant Pot Pasta Cooking Times

uncooked pasta

Do you love pasta, but don't have time to cook it on the stove? Have no fear, the Instant Pot is here!

You will be amazed how fast you can cook pasta in an Instant Pot!

There are a few things to keep in mind when cooking pasta in your Instant Pot. First, it is important to use enough water. The general rule is to use one cup of water for every four ounces of pasta. Second, do not overcook your pasta. Pasta should be cooked al dente, which means it should be firm but not hard. Finally, remember to release the pressure from your Instant Pot before opening the lid.

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Now that you know the basics, let's get cooking! The below times are AFTER the Instant Pot gains pressure. It takes a few minutes for that to happen. Here are the cook times for different types of pasta:

-Angel Hair: one minute

-Spaghetti: two minutes

-Penne: three minutes

-Rigatoni: four minutes

-Macaroni: two minutes

Different kinds of pasta will have different cooking times. For example, thin pasta like spaghetti will only need one minute of cook time, whereas thicker pasta like lasagna will need 4 minutes. You can use the above suggested times to determine how much time you need if you are cooking something different.

Here are some additional tips:

-If you are making a big batch of pasta, you may need to double the cook time.

-If you want your pasta to be more firm, cook it for one minute less than the recommended time.

-For a heartier meal, add some vegetables or protein to your pasta dish.

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