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Colorful & Green Cookies for Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is a great time to celebrate with family and friends, and what better way to do that than by baking some delicious green cookies?

green cookies for saint patrick's day

Whether you're looking for something easy or something more complex, we have compiled a list of recipes for green cookies perfect for Saint Patrick's Day.

From classic sugar cookie cut-outs to creative confections like mint chocolate chip bars, there is sure to be something here that will delight everyone. So get your ovens preheated and let’s start baking!

pot of golden oreos recipe

Pot of Golden Oreos Recipe

Whether it is Mardi Gras or St. Patrick’s Day, these Pot of Golden Oreos recipes are sure to be a hit with all your guests. 
Enjoy these gold Oreos for St. Patrick’s Day are a big hit with guests and kids! We love themed food at our house since it gets my kids pretty excited!

kale cookies

Kale Cookies

If you’re making these cookies for Saint Patrick’s Day or any other green-themed occasion and would like another green option to offer your guests, try this vegan walnut parsley pesto. It’s easy to make and loaded with flavor.

honey cookies


These Honey Cookies are barely crisp, chewy, and sweet. Unlike a regular sugar cookie, the honey in these babies lends a floral, well-rounded flavor. These little gems are just perfection!

gluten free moringa cookies

Gluten-Free Moringa Cookies For Maximum Energy

With gooey chocolate chip flavor and soft on the inside, these grain-free, energy-boosting moringa cookies are also easy to make! Use them to boost your energy naturally while indulging in a classic.

green shamrock sugar cookies


These green shamrock sugar cookies are the best sweet treats for St. Patrick's Day. Nothing says St.Patrick's Day more than a shamrock so a dessert shaped like one is perfect for celebrating the March holiday. Get ready to mix, roll, cut, & devour these festive yummy cookies.

sour cream sugar cookies

St. Patrick’s Day Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

The “secret” ingredient for these sour cream sugar cookies is in the name – the sour cream!

matcha white chocolate cookies

Matcha White Chocolate Cookies

These gluten-free and vegan matcha white chocolate cookies are soft, chewy, and delicious. They are made with almond butter and they're rolled in sugar before baking which gives them a delicious sugar cookie taste! You only need one bowl to make the recipe and the cookies are done in just 20 minutes. You are bound to love them!

lucky charms cookies

Lucky Charms Cookies

There are plenty of things to bake with lucky charms, but these lucky charms cookies are one of the best recipes! These soft, chewy sugar cookies with marshmallows are even yummier than the Pillsbury lucky charm cookies. Plus, they are so easy to make!

st. patricks cookies and buttercream dip

St. Patrick’s Cookies and Buttercream Dip

St. Patrick’s cookies and buttercream dip are a wonderful and festive treat. Everyone will want one of these shamrock sugar cookies. If you are looking for St. Patty’s party ideas, this Dunkaroos St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe with sprinkles needs to be on your list.

tasty chocolate chip mint cookies

Tasty Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies

Minty, Chocolatey, and Sweet! A fun treat for a Saint Patrick’s Day party, or to satisfy your mint chocolate chip cookies craving. Soft, chewy, quick & easy!

st. patricks day cookie decorating rainbow shamrock cookies

St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Decorating with Rainbow Buttercream Frosting

These are great for little ones to do as well, although the rainbows may be more smeared – but that’s okay! They can definitely have fun with the would-be-discard cup of rainbow frosting.

buttercream shamrock cookies

Buttercream Shamrock Cookies

Buttercream shamrock cookies are the perfect dessert for your St. Patrick’s Day party! We all know how important it is to have green desserts for St. Patrick’s Day.
These cookies come together in 4 easy steps, making them great for beginners

st patricks day pistachio cookies


If you are looking for the perfect cookie this St Patrick’s day then you should look no further than these St Patricks Day Pistachio Cookies. They are so sweet and delicious, and of course, with the green color and sprinkles, it really takes the theme to a whole new level. Everyone wants a bit of green energy on this Irish holiday, and these are just the perfect cookies to transport you to the Green Isle.

key lime cookies


This Key Lime Cookies Recipe is everything you didn't know your heart desired. They are soft and chewy; the absolute perfect texture and full of that delicious tangy key lime flavor. No need to go to Key West, just hit up your local grocery store for the ingredients.

homemade mint chocolate oreos

Homemade Mint Chocolate Oreos

A homemade version of a favorite store-bought treat! With perfectly thin and chewy, yet crisp, dark chocolate cookies hugging a luscious, sweet, and simple mint cream cheese filling, these cookies are portable and easy to grab and eat. Made with special dark cocoa powder to produce the distinctive dark color and smooth finish, these cookies go perfectly with a glass of milk. Afterall, Oreo’s are milk’s favorite cookie. With a festive green filling, these cookies are perfect for celebrating St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, or Christmas, and their irresistible goodness make these cookies an incredible year-round treat.

chocolate stout salted caramel whoopie pies

Chocolate Stout Salted Caramel Whoopie Pies

Amp up your St. Patrick's Day with an Irish twist to a classic chocolate treat. Chocolate, salted caramel, and stout beer come together to create pillowy whoopie pies that are the perfect combination of sweet and salty!

green crinkle cookies recipe

Green Crinkle Cookies Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for a quick and simple St. Patrick’s Day sweet treat? This easy green crinkle cookies recipe is sure to entice any leprechaun in your home.